Twilight Forest

Discussion in 'Smp 4' started by Penguin, Aug 14, 2013.

  1. Penguin Member

    I recently descovred that The Twilight forest mod is disabled, yet It isn't noted in the spawn. I build my portal correctly, and threw in my diamond. Nothing happened. Any-one know why?
  2. GoldDolphin Well-Known Member

    You said the mod was disabled? Would that not be obvious as to hy your portal is not working?
  3. Daikuna

    I think gold that he is referring to the fact that it wasn't listed in spawn as being disabled so he was assuming that it was still active and when it didn't work he thought it might be a glitch or something.
  4. GoldDolphin Well-Known Member

    Ahh i was thinking of FTB were mods are disabled and enabled.
  5. Penguin Member

    Uh, So, is the mod enabled or not is the main question.
    I know I've built the portal right, I've tested it in single player, and it worked. Is it location?
  6. randomdude2018 Active Member

    Try building it in another location cuz i built mine like at level 200 and it didn't work either so ya.:)
  7. GoldDolphin Well-Known Member

    Random I think your referring to smp2. As for your question penguin i will look into it and get back to you.
  8. randomdude2018 Active Member

    oh lol, but I am guessing they are the same:p

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